Kitchen Faucets with Sprayer

The faucets with sprayer is the focus point of any newly designed kitchen and made us a great convenience for maintaining a hygienic kitchen. There are various styles and finishes of faucet sprayers in the market to match our homes and kitchens decor. It has a wide range of applications such as washing hands rinsing off food and cleaning dishes etc. In the market faucet sprayer has had many advance innovations like pull out sprayer, pot fillers and side sprays that help us to make a unique product even user friendly to use. Some of the common faucet sprayers that had occupied its own space in the market is list below:

  1. Pull-Out Sprayer
  2. Pull-Down Sprayer
  3. Side Faucet Sprayer
  4. Swivel
  5. Rinse Quick Spray Head

The above faucet sprayer is attachable to any faucet and enables you wash down all the sides of a sink or laundry tub and direct the deposit along to the drain. Faucet sprays are also useful in laundry tubs, which are often using for chores ranging from boot cleaning to repotting plants. The sprayer is adaptable from a solid stream to a moderate shower. Faucet sprayers have found to be indispensable after using over many years. Most of the side faucet sprays commonly attached to the left or to the right side of the sink and they take back completely when it is not in use making very efficient for us.

The pull out spray already has a pull out sprayer that is integrated into the faucet. The spray has the potential of executing the customary flow or a spray by just pushing a button. Pull-Out faucet sprayer includes all the applications of a side faucet sprayer in a simplified with the look of having one faucet. This faucet sprayer is treated as best used for our daily washing chores where the sprayer functionality will be habitually utilized. The pull down kitchen faucet with sprayer is more popular for business use and this is best used for filling big containers but again the reach is limited due to the angle that it is build that makes clean-up the sink a bit of a confront as compared to pull out kitchen faucet sprayer.

Faucet sprayers are found to be a great convenience for the users but after using over the years, they can develop cracks and leaks and may cause pudding under the kitchen sink. Now the question arises! Don’t worry!! Repairing a faucet sprayer is not a big deal. It is an easy job after you identify what the problem is. The whole repairing processes can be accomplished in less than an hour even for the novice with affordable amount. You can repair it by your own, first identify where the leak is coming from by pulling the sprayer out and turning on the water. You just replace the sprayer head if the crimp sleeve did not leak. That’s it. Thus, the faucet sprayers are very useful, user friendly and become the essential house whole accessories for our bathrooms, kitchens and any other where the spray is needed.

Things to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Faucet Sprayer

The kitchen faucets with sprayer can been seen in almost every kitchen now, but installing and fixing a faucet sprayer can be a little tricky. The main point that determines whether it is hard or easy to install the faucet is the access. When you install a new sink, then installing the faucet will also be very easy, as you can do this prior to setting the kitchen sink. When you have access to all the parts of a faucet, even the mounting nuts, which are hard to get to, then the installation can be done within a short span of time. However, things get a little difficult if your sink is already fixed in a place. Changing a kitchen faucet in such situation becomes though as the only access to the kitchen faucet is from beneath the sink.

For replacing the kitchen faucet sprayer, when the sink is in place, you will have to lie down and then work about the supply lines for reaching the mounting nuts, which holds the faucet. An effective tool, which can help you in such situation, is the basin wrench, but it will still require quite a lot of effort. According to your situation, you can find it easy to do away with the sink before changing the faucet. In this way, you can make more room to work more conveniently.

When you are done with installing the new kitchen faucet sprayer, you can take away the aerator and then flush the supply lines to make sure that there is no debris, which can clog and minimize the flow of water. On any standard kitchen faucet sprayer, you will just have to unbolt the aerator and then let the water to flow for a while. In a pullout model of a faucet sprayer, the filter or the aerator is mounted in an inlet inside the head of the sprayer, so you will just have to unthread a hose and then take out the filter and then flush.

There are some models of a kitchen faucet sprayer that need some assembly prior to mounting it on the sink. For this kind of installation, it is better to go through the manufacturer’s instructions. With some of the common faucets, you will have to thread the sprayer through the body of the faucet in the beginning. For creating a watertight seal you can put in a rubber gasket amid the sink top and the bottom place of a kitchen faucet sprayer. If there is no gasket with the installation kit, then you can use plumber’s putty to pack up the cavity of a faucet.

A number of manufacturers provide a long socket for tightening all the mounting nuts. There is a hole in this socket that admits the shank of the screwdriver and guides it when you squeeze the nuts.
This method of installation can be used if you are trying to mount a kitchen faucet sprayer on a sink that is already installed. In case, you install the pull-out version of a kitchen faucet sprayer, then firstly you will have to join the sprayer together with the body of the faucet. You can also make use of a modifiable wrench for tightening the connection. Make sure that you read the manual provided by the manufacturer, is you want to install the faucet sprayer properly.

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