Faucet Sprayer : Attachment Repair and Replacement

You might have seen a faucet with sprayer in a majority of modern kitchens. The head of a faucet sprayer consists of an aerator and a handle. The water comes out from the aerator when you pull the trigger or the handle. There is a mount at the bottom of the head to which the head of the sprayer connects. Amid the mount and the head a rubber washer is affixed, so that there can be no leaks from the head. There is a retaining clip, which grips the washer in one place. These sprayers are made of different material, but if you are looking for an average and low-end sprayer, then you can go for a sprayer made of plastic. There are even sprayers made of strong and sturdy metals, which can complement a faucet, but these are a little more expensive.

Within the base of a kitchen faucet with sprayer a diverter valve is fixed that helps in directing the flow of water. When you squeeze or trigger the handle of a sprayer, this diverter valve will sense the change in the water pressure and then it directs the water by the way of a sprayer hose in place of the faucet. You can even get a multifunction faucet sprayer these days. When you go out to select a faucet sprayer, you will get three main choices.

If you wish to choose the best one for your kitchen, then you will have to take account of the frequency of using the sprayer also the need for using it. These are some of the factors that can have an impact on your choice. Further, different class of a faucet sprayer is available in different finishes. There are some more points that you should bear in mind while buying a faucet sprayer. These include the stability of the internal constituents of the sprayer and also the warranty period offered by the manufacturer.

One of the widely used forms of faucet sprayer is the side sprayer. In this model, the sprayer is generally located either on the right side or the left side of the faucet and then it rest in a gap in the sink. These sprayers are not self-retracting, but mostly have sufficient hose for covering a bigger part of the sink. This sort of a faucet sprayer usually provides a low-pressure water stream. For light usage, this kind of a sprayer can be a nice choice, as it is very reasonably priced as well. For a more streamlined look, you should opt for the pull-out sprayers. This kind of sprayer is in fact a section of a faucet spout and you can pull it out from the base if required.

A pull out faucet sprayer keeps up the same level of water pressure. This is because the faucet is self-retracting. Another good reason of choosing this variety of faucet sprayer is that these are suitable for regular use and are more durable than other types of sprayers. Another type of faucet with sprayer is the pull down sprayers. This kind of a sprayer is generally utilized in commercial kitchens, but now these are also manufactured for household needs. This one comprise of an arching spout along with a sprayer head that have to pulled down and this one also maintain the water pressure like the pull-out variety of sprayers.

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