Moen 7594SRS Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

If you are looking to shop for a faucet with sprayer for your kitchen then the safest choice is to go with the brand name. Moen Manufacturer is in the business for several years and has stunned the users with a variety of versatile and high performing products. Even, the critics don’t have to say much against the manufacturer as their products are found to be just flawless. This One-Handle high arc pull down faucet from the manufacturer is no different in terms of quality and a range of satisfied customers are there to endorse this product.

The Moen 7594SRS Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pull Down Kitchen Faucet is such an attractive faucet it pleased all my guests so I am satisfied with this faucet sprayer. There are not many faucets where you get ample features so this one is genuinely extraordinary piece for me. If you are conscious about sparkling and hygienic elements, then this is the just the right set for you. It is constructed with spot resist stainless design that combine together and make this as exclusive set. I truly liked the way this faucet with sprayer is working and participated in my activities with immense pleasure.

It is easier to install and easiest to use because of the mind blowing features that the manufacturer has to offer. The product is durable, high performing and maintenance free. Even if you make the comparisons then it will still outshine as the top among its competitors with similar features.

Below are some details of the Moen 7594SRS product features as they provide you complete information on this faucet.

This pioneering faucet is furnished with spot resist stainless design that makes your kitchen to appear sophisticated and stylish. It is incorporated with high arc spout that gives the height and access to fill or else wash big pots when the pull down element gives the very great adjustability for washing and rinsing. It is made with 360 degree rotating spout that facilitate you to set up the handle on both sides at the same time temperature is altered by the 100-degree arc of handle level. This groundbreaking faucet is integrated with accessible pull down faucet ease.

General information:

This faucet with sprayer has a single high arc pull down lever which can be positioned anywhere for your comfort. It is easy to install but do require services of two people to handle different installation parts simultaneously. It features the highly innovative duralock quick connect system for convenient installation. It is facilitated with a highly useful reflex system which makes the operation of the faucet smooth and allows easy movement as well. The docking of the spray head is done securely. The escutcheon is included in the package and you will also get a limited lifelong warranty over this product from Moen manufacturer.


  • The handle is versatile which can be put at any location because it doesn’t have any set position for it to fix. This is very handy as the users can position it according to their ease and comfort.
  • The system can operate in spray and stream mode. When you switch it in the spray mode then it defaults to the stream mode the next time you use the faucet which is very convenient.
  • The material is stain, spot and scratch proof which doesn’t ask you to put in many efforts over its maintenance and cleanliness.
  • The installation is very easy which can be done through 1 or 3 holes. You will need two persons where one holds the bottom while you fix the upper part.
  • The manufacturer offers it with a limited lifetime warranty and that is something which can give you confidence in making this investment.


  • The lose connections at the elbows and other joints tend to leak this faucet after a few months of use, which is a huge setback considering it to be a long term investment.
  • The faucet can be moved to any direction and doing so over a few months loosens it from the base and then you have all sorts of issues which raise concerns with its designs.
  • The recoil on the nozzle is an important thing which could have been better if it came tightened from the company.
Moen 7594SRS Faucet with Sprayer

A few not so good bits

All the aspects of this product seem to appear and give the impression as fair product. I did not come across any problem when operating this product. Installing this faucet is a stress-free job and it can be installed within minutes. If you are struggling to find the best faucet for you, then it is suggested for you to read the instructions there on the faucet.

Why product is so great?

This faucet works great and meets your requirements because it balances water pressure very well. This specialty makes this faucet appear matchless and inimitable. Perfect for individuals who want to keep their kitchen neat and tidy. All the features together are making this faucet to stand out as unique set.

What customers are saying?

A customer says, “The head pulls down smoothly, the spray feature works well and shuts off when the water shuts off and the head moves back into place easily.”


This one from Moen manufacturer is faucet with sprayer which comes with a single pull down handle. It has got the stainless material which endorses its sturdiness and also guarantees it to give a flawless performance over the years. The other good things about the product are, its easy installation and extreme ease in using as well. Apart from this, limited lifetime warranty is also given over the product. There are a few design flaws which may affect some users, but the majority of the users have a great experience with the product.

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